What is the e-cigarette? The e-cigarette (also known as the electronic cigarette, electric cigarette and e cig) is a battery-operated device that produces vapour.

How is the e-cigarette used? The e-cigarette is used in exactly the same way as a tobacco cigarette: you put it to your mouth, you inhale and you exhale.

How long will a bottle of e-liquid last? A bottle of e-liquid will last a moderate smoker about a fortnight, a heavy smoker about a week, and a light smoker about a month.

What is inside the e-liquid? The e-liquid is composed of (1) propylene glycol (a common food preservative), (2) vegetable glycerin (vegetable oil) and (3) food flavour. All three chemicals are found in many of the foods that people consume daily and are entirely safe.

What does the e-liquid smell and taste like? We have a number of different flavoured e-liquids for sale, including tobacco, menthol, coffee and vanilla. The tobacco flavour is the most popular as it imitates the taste of a real cigarette.

What kind of warranty do you offer? Electrical components (batteries, USB chargers, wall adaptors and car adaptors) are covered by a thirty day warranty. Clearomisers and coils are not covered by a warranty.

Where are your products shipped from? All of our products are shipped from Australia, not overseas. We charge a flat postage fee of $15.00 for any sized order to anywhere in Australia by Australia Post Express Post.

Are you an Australian business? Yes, we are a 100% Australian owned and operated business located in Australia.